I just wanted to let you know, your blog is FANTASTIC. Your banner with all the pics you've taken, all the AMAZING posts, gahh I just love it! And you are the reason I started citing my sources on all the pictures I upload! kldasdhf I love what you do! Please keep taking pictures, please keep blogging, and please keep staying as the perfect blog I am so lucky to be able to see on my dashboard! :) — Asked by giraffeinatree

I truly am happy you started citing your sources-it is so important. And respectful. And courteous. Good for you my friend. And thanks so much for gushing about my blog. I love gushing. I promise to keep taking pictures and to keep blogging and to keep staying perfect. Sadly, my urban word skills don’t include kldasdhf, but I am going to assume it is another gush.  Cheers!! NJ

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